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Different Ways to Style Glass Tiles

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Glass tiles have been a major aesthetic component in homes all across the world. We’ve seen the beauty of accent glass tiles as backsplashes in our kitchens and we love how distinct they make our shower walls look. Since glass tiles are extremely versatile they can be applied in almost any area of the home.

Glass tiles can be purchased in all kinds of finishes including opaque and reflective glasses. Since glass reflects light and can visually expand a space and it can keep a room brighter for an extended period of time it has several advantages. If you think you’ve exhausted the ways you can use glass tiles in your home, here are some additional ideas.

Designing the Hearth
Make the fireplace the focal point of the room by decking the hearth out in mosaic glass tiles. The hearth may be the last place you thought seeing glass tiles but it makes for a durable and simply breathtaking surrounding. Imagine watching the light from the fire dance in the glass. To make this look unique you should invest in tiles with different color blends and designs.

Glass tiles are ideal for the hearth because the maintenance process is relatively simple. It doesn’t stain, it can be easily wiped clean and when grouped together glass is extremely durable.

Wrap Around Accent Wall
Take the backsplash concept a bit further by extending glass accent tiles across the entire wall. If you’re feeling adventurous you can carry out this concept in an area other than the kitchen or bathroom. You can create a mural across the length of the wall. Don’t limit the design to the traditional subway pattern. Instead, you can create a transitional look by spinning the tiles. Use glass tile that complements the decor of room for an outstanding effect.

Tiled Headboard
Can’t seem to find the perfect headboard? Consider creating your own massive headboard using glass mosaic tiles. Adhere them to the wall behind your bed. Get creative and form tiles to create a specific design. Use tiles featuring different colors and accents to really make the headboard stand out.

4th of July

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July 4th is nearly upon us and with it comes all of the celebrations, fireworks, backyard barbecues we are accustomed to. The holiday is uniquely American as we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our country. It is a holiday where we remember the sacrifice and loss that we as a country sustained in the name of our freedom. As such, the 4th of July is filled with celebrations as well as symbolism in our traditions. There are many ways to celebrate this 4th of July and to honor the men and women who fought so bravely for our country and its independence.

One way American cities do this is to celebrate with parades. These can range from small to large, but they generally honor our troops with a show of military units, floats, horses and flag bearers stepping to the tune of a marching band. These are great family friendly events that offer a fun way to honor our military.

A more community oriented tradition is throwing a family or neighborhood barbecue. When it’s summertime everybody loves to get outside and grille up some meat and veggies. Enjoying burgers, hot dogs and veggie kabobs while sharing time with your neighbors is a great way to build community on a day where our independence was won through camaraderie and sense of common goal. Hey, the food doesn’t hurt either!

One of the most famous celebrations of our nation’s independence is when families flock to their communities fireworks show. These are often loud and beautiful and choreographed to patriotic music. The fireworks symbolize the shots of gunfire and cannons that were heard throughout the war as our young nation fought for its freedom and commemorate and honor those that fought for our victory.

These are just a few of the ways that Americans have traditionally celebrated our great nation’s independence day. Whether you are grilling up a storm and sharing time with friends and family or getting to your favorite fireworks viewing spot early for the best view, we hope that you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration this year!