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Reader Question:

I’m so confused about carpet for my kitchen. I’ve had a nylon in for 13 years and from my wood chairs with plastic gliders over the years now it has rippled. I had planned on getting another nylon kitchen carpet. All carpet is commercial and very dark colors. I don’t want a solid color. Some dealers recommend going to olefin but several have said stay away from it as it shows burn marks from chairs moving or hot things splattering. Will the dark close in my kitchen? My dining room/kitchen is 12X22feet. The dining of it is 12X12 the rest is kitchen with a counter dividing it in the U shaped kitchen. I have a kitchen window and a patio door with gold drape and window in the dining area and creamy light gold walls. I thought I wanted a lighter color as my living room is a light cream with a very few gold flecks and has a 6ft. opening into the dining room. The living room has a big 5 section bow window that lets in lots of light too. I have oak cupboards with black/stainless appliances. I am so frustrated I just want to bury my head. Some of my family say try to find light as it will blend (impossible to find) or go totally dark (browns) to divide it. What brands would you carry in carpet suitable for kitchens. We live in the country. Thank you so much.

Dear reader,

Choosing new flooring can be confusing and overwhelming, but we are here to help! First, you will want to keep your search in the commercial carpet department if you plan to have chairs with rollers. Carpet has a better chance of holding up when chair pads are used under rolling chairs, but you probably don’t want that look in your kitchen! It’s great to hear that you don’t want a solid color because carpets with multiple colors and pattern can help hide dirt and traffic found in a kitchen and dining area. A dark colored floor will only close your kitchen in if you have dark cabinets, dark walls, and very little light in the room. It sounds like you have natural light coming in from the window and the sliding door and light walls. Light colored floors will blend with light walls and other light products in your home, but along those same lines, a darker floor will provide a nice contrast. This comes down to personal preference. Another tip, remember that this is YOUR home and the more opinions you get from friends and family…the more opinions you will have….not answers that are right for you!

We carry Mohawk commercial products that will hold up well in your kitchen. You can view some of our products in our online product catalog here.

Feel free to bring us a photo of your kitchen and dining area and we will be happy to review light and dark options with you. Another consideration you might want to think about would be hard surface floors (such as tile or laminate) with a nice area rug or bound piece of carpet on top to give you the warmth and feel of carpet while getting the benefits and durability of a hard surface.

You also might enjoy browsing our gallery of room scenes or using our virtual room designer tool to help you see the effects of different floors and wall combinations. You can find those here. If you see some things you like, you can save them into your very own workbook.

We hope this information helps and look forward to helping you choose a new floor for your home!

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