Creating Your Own “White Box” to Help Your Flooring Decision

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On the first episode of Home & Garden TV’s premiere episode of “Design Star,” they started with their classic “white box” design. Designers were given a white room with a bed, bookcase and nightstand, and asked to create a room that matched another designer’s personality and style. After watching, it made sense that a “white box” approach to visualizing rooms within our own homes could help make flooring decisions much easier.

When you’re ready for new flooring, your rooms have so many elements that it’s often difficult to determine a flooring direction. Can we find our own version of the white box in our home? Let’s try.

Start by removing all of the accessories. The colors and styles of these smaller items can distract you from seeing the basic lines and feeling the fundamental characteristics of the room. Next, take all pillows and small tables and chairs to another room. When you’re finished, only large furniture pieces and window coverings should be left.

Now, are there any pieces in this room that you are considering recovering or replacing? If you think new curtains may happen soon, take them down. If an easy chair is due for a slipcover, grab one or more neutral sheets and cover cover cover. This takes you down to the bones of the room, in terms of both color and use of space.

Once you’re down to the basics, grab your samples and magazine pages and consider your flooring options. Without all of the distractions of a finished room, you can take the time to really consider what you want that room to feel like, and make the right choice for your space. And here’s the other good news: you’re already most of the way toward clearing your room to get that flooring installed!

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