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Reader Question:

I am thinking of replacing my old counter tops with a granite tile, which I know would be cheaper than solid granite. What installation advice do you have?


Thank you for your question! You are right that granite tiles can save you money versus a solid slab of granite. Things to keep in mind are making sure that your cabinet base is strong enough to hold the weight of the stone, be sure to have a plan for the front edge whether it be cut pieces of granite, wood or other decorative trim and use a thin grout line in order to make the finished product look as much like a slab as you can. Natural stone is still an investment, so if you plan to install yourself, the best advice we can give is to measure twice before cutting!

You may enjoy coming to one of our Pete the Pro seminars for additional installation tips. Please let us know if you would like more details on a seminar in your area.

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  • Neels


    “…making sure that your cabinet base is strong enough to hold the weight of the stone” – definitely a crucial consideration!


  • Natural Stones UK


    Fantastic post. thanks for sharing with us. We are exporter of tiles, natural stones, paving stones and marbles from UK.


  • G State Soapstone


    Good advice on granite countertops. Anyone doing research for there home should read this.


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