First Impressions: Creating a Wow Entryway

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People talk about the importance of first impressions with how we look, but the same is true for our homes. It takes two seconds for people to form an opinion of someone they’ve just met, so it’s logical that visitors form opinions of our house before they even get through our front door. Take the open door test. What do people see when they first step into your home? Is your entryway just a pathway to the living room? Or does it stand alone as a powerful first impression?

Flooring is an effective tool to set the stage for your home. One option is to choose flooring that’s different from the rest of your space to separate your entryway from the main part of your home. Tile or stone provides a strong and effective contrast to carpeting. If your home has wood floors, consider an inlaid wood medallion. Stone medallions and border listellos – inlaid tile and stone decorative trims – also create a beautiful opening.

Even on a budget, selecting a different tile or stone layout or a contrasting color makes your foyer stand out. Come in and talk to one of our salespeople to spark your creativity and build a strong first impression for your home. You can also get started by browsing our product catalogs here or looking at our inspiration gallery here.

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