Making the Right Design Choice – Part 2

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Are you ready to make the final flooring and design decisions for your home? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Studies show that making decisions among many options is hard for most people, and the more choices, the harder the process. Here are a couple of suggestions to make your final decisions less stressful and more fun.

How many options have you narrowed your choices down to? Are you looking at more than six? More than eight? Ten? Twelve? Don’t be hard on yourself. Manufacturers have provided us with so many wonderful options, and how can you expect to get to a final decision when you can’t even see them all at once? This is a perfect time for an approach called divide and decide. Take all of your possibles and separate them into groups of two. Now, eliminate one out of each set. Don’t think about the other groups – don’t even look at them. Just tackle one set of two at a time.

Get your salesperson to hide your rejections quickly so you can’t look back. With one round, you have cut your choices in half. You may want to do this again with the ones that are left, until you have narrowed down the options to two or three – a much more manageable number.

Now that you are down to just a few choices, here’s another approach to discover your real preference. Instead of choosing the one you want, eliminate the one you want the least. This shift in thinking can really help you make the final decision. The one you can’t leave is the right choice for you.

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