Nylon Carpet Maintenance Tips

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Several items, handled well can significantly protect your new carpet. The first is to see from your carpet manufacturer’s warranty what they require. Some insist upon regular professional steam extraction to validate their warranty.

Studies show that the first 4-6 steps from outside bring as much as 80% of the soil to your floor. Proper walkoff and entry mats will significantly mitigate this issue.

Regular vacuuming (daily in traffic areas), too often overlooked, is of primary importance in keeping your carpet looking good. The best vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and strong beater bars. This enables the greatest removal of soil particles, which have sharp edges that can cut and abrade the yarn, causing a crushed or matted look.

Every 12-24 months, your carpets should be deep cleaned by professional hot water extraction. Don’t attempt this with home models as they typically lack the power and suction either to clean or to remove the water.

Finally, address any spills or spots immediately. Water based spills need to be blotted with a clean, absorbent cloth, starting from the outside and working to the center. Use a neutral pH spot remover and rinse to remove any residue. Dry the spot well and vacuum before walking on the affected area.

On oil-based stains, completely cover the stain or spill with baking soda, baby powder or cornstarch. Allow this to sit overnight and vacuum well in the morning. If there is still a shadow of the stain, repeat this process, then follow the above instructions for water-based stains.

We hope this helps you understand more about how to maintain your nylon carpet.

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