Luxury in Your Home

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Donald Trump’s buildings are seen as the height of luxury, and recently HGTV’s Design Star featured one of his company’s newest condos. Participants were asked to create a luxurious model to sell the condos. Does your home feel as luxurious as you want it to? If not, here are some tips to add luxury to your space.

Is your flooring luxurious? Dark woods, thick carpeting, rich stone tiles all create a sense of drama and wealth. If your floor doesn’t feel luxurious enough for your goals, consider a number of rich think rugs. Whether you’re considering a variety of orientals in complementary colors or a combination of contemporary rugs, the goal is to layer textures and colors to create a sense of abundance.

Fabrics are a critical touch if you want a space to feel sumptuous. How about layering curtains? Start with a set of sheers to let in the light, then an extra set of panels or even two on the sides for effect. Dupioni silk combines a depth of color with interesting texture thanks to the fabric’s uneven weave. Combine a medium neutral silk with dark velvet curtain panels – both available ready-made – and the contrast of color and texture give your space an immediate luxury boost.

Don’t forget accessories. A bit of bling in your space spells richness. Metallics, mirrors, crystal all add a sense of luxury. You may have just what you need with those family heirlooms packed away in your closet. Pull out Aunt Sarah’s silver candlesticks and your grandmother’s crystal bowl, and experiment with adding some shinier elements to your rooms.

Want to live in luxury? It’s not about spending money as much as looking at things differently. You can make this happen in your home.

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