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On a recent trip Laticrete’s training center in Bethany, CT a large group of the Century Tile team attended what is called a “PTK” seminar. This is a super intensive training course about Laticrete materials. What is neat about this event is a portion of the time is devoted to “hands on” learning.

Why are we telling you this? We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable team in order to serve you better. When we say our people are trained, that includes more then the lecture and textbook stuff. This means they have actually had an opportunity to use and install the products Laticrete sells us. We feel that it is much easier to talk from experience, because you can draw on what you learned. We take the time to do things like this so we can help you by relating on a different level.

Another plus is Laticrete gets to hear first hand some of the challenges we hear about; problems you may have had while attempting a tile installation. The experts are there to provide the answers or develop a new product. It is a big “think tank”….all designed to help you.

As a bonus, Century people who attend establish a very unique bond. They are all from different stores and all have different sales techniques and questions. By spending time together and with these experts, we hope we can be more helpful and knowledgeable for you. The group got a sneak peek at the new epoxy system that will they will be field testing. How cool is that? (we think it’s cool :))

Feel free to come in and test us. We’d love to wow you with our knowledge!

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