Choosing a Grout Color

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When you are looking for the perfect tiles for your floor, don’t forget the grout! The grout color improves the appearance of a tiled floor and acts as a framing system among the tiles. The right grout will show your tile selection to best advantage.

White used to always be the standard grout between tiles. Manufacturers introduced colored grout to provide an additional design element and to help camouflage the dirt and grime that settles between tiles in high-traffic areas. White grout can look stark with a natural-toned tile. If you want to stay light, choose a parchment, cream or ivory shade instead. If you do want a light grout, make sure to have the grout sealed to keep it looking clean and avoid staining.

Grey and brown are other common shades of grout. Grey grout is perfect for cool or light colored tiles while brown grout complements floor tiles in warm tones.

If you want a floor with an even appearance, choose a grout with a color similar to your tiles. For a bit of pattern, you may want a few shades lighter or darker.

You can choose grout in a contrasting color for a unique visual effect. Contrasting grout color can also be used to add definition to the floor tiles. If you choose a darker shade for grout, you must keep in mind that dark colored grout fades when exposed to direct sunlight. It is prudent to stick to lighter grout shades if the room gets excessive sunlight.

Choose grout color carefully because it will make a beautiful difference to the overall appearance of your tile floor.

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