Getting Your Home Back After the Kids Have Been Home ALL Summer!

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We recently had a question that we thought we would share in hopes of helping more moms in the same situation!

Reader Question:

Hi! As the kids are starting to trickle back to school in the Chicago area and by Labor Day school will be in full swing , many moms like me are breathing a sigh of relief as we look forward to a new found peace and quiet. However, in the mean time I would like to ask for help due to a small amount of frustration from my children having redesigned our home over the summer holiday.

The wood floor in the den now has a few new distress marks, the bathroom ceramic grout lines are turning black from all the hundreds of showers and the area rug in the front foyer has a new polka-a-dot pattern, courtesy of my daughter.

Can you give me any advice for any of these problems? Thank you!

Dear Reader:

We’ve got you covered! First, wood floor manufacturers understand and expect these accidents to occur. Fill kits are available for scratches or if the damage is significant, single board replacements are possible with a qualified installer.

The grout issue is simple and easily corrected with Century Tile #51 Mildew Remover or the Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner by Aqua Mix. Be careful with those home bleach remedies. The bleach will kill the mold growth however; the color pigment might be affected, especially if it is not an epoxy based grout.

The carpet (or area rugs) has a couple of solutions. If you are aware of the stain you should immediately, blot the stain with clean white cloths and use a factory recommended stain removal process. Companies like Shaw Carpets have help lines to work you through these issues ( or 1-800-441-7429.

If the carpet stains are set, there’s still good news! We offer an area rug cleaning service. All you have to do is roll up the rug and drop it at any Century location. We can send it out and the professional’s got to work on it.

Accidents happen, they are not necessarily intentional, but they occur.

Century Tile is always happy to help you solve your “redesign” issues!

Feel free to call upon us and we will be happy to get the answer that solves the problem,

Your friends at Century Tile

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