Protecting Your Floors

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With winter weather coming soon, what can you do to protect your nice wood floors or carpets? A few short steps will help address the problem.

Consider every entryway in your home as a possible source for dirt and damp on your floors. With a simple multi-step process, you can ensure that the weather stays outside.

Begin with doormats. Look for large mats with a rough surface suitable for scraping off snow, ice and mud. The material should have some absorbency also. Look for mats that are functional rather than stylish – this is about protecting your home. Many options offer both function and looks. Finally, keep these mats clean. A dirty mat will just lead to dragging dirt into your home.

Once inside your home, add another mat just inside each door. Low-nap mats are available that allow doors to open over them. Many of these are also super-absorbent to pick up the next layer of dirt and damp.

If these two aren’t enough, add a third rug just outside your entries – a machine-washable one that is large enough to ensure that people will step on it with both feet on their way into your home. Take a look at the dirt trapped on that rug and you will know whether that third step is needed for you.

It’s much easier to keep your floors nice from the beginning than to have to restore them later. With these steps, you will really reduce your floor protection worries.

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