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At Century Tile, we believe that an informed customer is a confident and powerful customer. Before you start looking for the best flooring options available for your home, it’s to your advantage to read and learn all there is to know about the ideal flooring styles and material for different types of rooms.

You can learn all about the types of flooring material and styles best suited for your needs by using the tools provided on our website. (You thought we were going to say something complicated, right?!?) You can make notes on your research, save items to your very own workbook (just register here first) or you can bring your notes with you when you start shopping.

You can also find information on the benefits and styles of flooring options on websites of associations of specialist flooring manufacturers or other flooring professionals. Some resources include the National Wood Flooring Association and The Carpet and Rug Institute. There’s a new laminate blog from the North American Laminate Flooring Association.

You can also find interesting and informative articles on flooring and the pros and cons of different types of flooring just by searching the Internet. Both experts and other consumers will give you information on the conveniences and problems associated with different types of flooring material. However, we encourage you to keep in mind that consumer opinions are not always accurate assessments. Take a look at a number of reviews and comments before making up your mind. Feel free to ask us about any concerns or questions you run across. You may also want to check out some of our past blog entries for insights into making good flooring decisions.

If you are environmentally concerned, check websites of organizations such as the Green Building Council or the Forest Stewardship Council to better understand the environmental aspects of different types of flooring.

Your research may create as many questions as answers. Don’t hesitate to bring your questions along with you when you shop for flooring. Once you’ve done you “homework,” you can search confidently among the numerous flooring options and make the best decisions for you.

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