Tile 101: Glass Tile

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Deciding to use tile only starts you on the process of choosing your home’s options. There are so many kinds of tile, and each has its special appeal and challenges. Let’s take a look at your choices, starting with glass tile.

Glass is a relatively new material for tile. It’s more common in contemporary homes, but people are starting to recognize its value in adding drama to traditional spaces also. It’s most often used as a kitchen backsplash or in a small bathroom. The vivid colors and personality of glass makes it just the right choice when you want a small space to stand out.

Glass rectangles and squares in smaller sizes lend themselves to a mosaic effect. The rich variety of colors and tones creates an opportunity to develop an art look to a wall or backsplash. Metallic tiles also work well with glass because they both have a glossy finish.

Glass is not as durable as other types of tile, which makes it unsuitable for floors. It will scratch and crack when abused. It also requires special installation techniques and materials. Make sure your installer has worked with glass and understands its unique requirements. And don’t try to install it yourself – it’s worth the cost of an experienced professional.

Recycled glass provides the same style impact while meeting green home goals. Altogether, you will be amazed at the variety and drama available with glass. Consider adding it to your home’s tile plans.

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