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Love for Pete The Pro

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Did you know? Our website has a place where you can ask Pete the Pro any tile installation question you have?!? In any case, we were thrilled to find this story from a Pete the Pro fan. Please take a look:

“Hi Pete, I don’t have a real question today, you’ve helped me out so many times in my tiling adventures. Just a story for you this time. Saturday morning I was getting my first cup of coffee when I heard a familiar voice on television. When I turned around, there was your smiling face on Saturday morning DIY show. I was happy to see your face in my kitchen! Keep up the good work and thank you again for each time you’ve encouraged and mentored us novices! Many Thanks.”

Have you got a question or story to submit?

Creating an Attractive Universal Design Bath

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In recent years, the concept of “universal design,” design for people with limited mobility, has become an important goal for both builders and product manufacturers. Accessible bathroom equipment has always been available, but the focus was on function rather than style.

Take a look at this bathroom. The strong design feel may distract you from the fact that it is designed to be wheelchair-friendly.

The sink has open space underneath it, providing the space to wheel a chair close and use it easily. The large floor space leaves plenty of room for manuvering. This is helped by the storage unit on casters, enabling it to be rolled out of the way when not needed.

The cupboard on the left wall is also extremely accessible. Everything inside could be reached from a seated position, and a mirror on the inside door allows for grooming.

The standard-height mirrors allow this room to function well from a standing position also, creating versatility for a multi-person household. Altogether, this bathroom combines the best of design elegance and functional accessibility.

If you plan to live in your home for a long time, you may want to consider designing a bathroom that is more accessible. In later years, you, family members or visitors may appreciate your thoughtfulness and foresight. Ask your salesperson for advice on attractive universal design options for your bath.

Protecting Carpeting and Furniture from Pets

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Many people worry whether home maintenance will be much more demanding with pets. In reality, a few tactics will keep your home nice while still including one or more animals, as long as they are well trained.

Two major maintenance concerns are dirt and hair. If your home includes a pet door, you can minimize the dirt tracked in the house by laying down a rug just inside the pet door, long enough to ensure that all four feet land on the rug as your pet comes back inside. An absorbent washable rug can remove quite a bit of dirt from little paws. On rainy or snowy days, you may want to manage the process more carefully – wiping your pet’s paws with small towels when they come back into the house.

The best way to manage shedding is daily brushing. Even if your dog or cat is initially resistant to this, combining short gentle brushing sessions with lots of treats and praise will turn brushing into a special time for your animal rather than a chore. Vacuum your rug at least once a week to keep hair and surface dirt under control. Regular vacuuming also keeps your carpet looking newer.

If your pet loves your sofa or an easy chair, cover it with a large towel or sheet. If you launder your covers regularly and remove them when guests come, you can almost eliminate hair on the furniture and keep your upholstery clean and looking nice.

By adding just a few tactics to your regular home maintenance you can combine pet ownership with a lovely home, allowing you to enjoy both!

Making Your Bathroom Feel Larger

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If you would like a bathroom to feel larger, a few simple steps can do a lot to enhance the feeling of space. This photo shows one bath that takes advantage of a number of options to make it feel as large as possible.

Start with using glass instead of a shower curtain. This frameless shower surround helps make the space feel like part of the room rather than a separate section. This dramatically improves the sense of space.

Putting in a pedestal sink opens up the space normally hidden by a vanity, and allows the tile to show from wall to wall, once again expanding perceived space.

By staying consistent with the wall tile and colors, the room has no visible breaks, fooling the eye into thinking the space is larger. The floor tile also follows this rule, staying the same through the bath and shower, with only a small lip of matching tile to keep water under control. Having the bath fixtures in white also keeps the eye moving without the breaks that make a room look smaller.

A large mirror over the sink puts the finishing touch on this bath with the reflection adding an additional feeling of space.

If you want your bathroom to look as large as possible, consider drawing on some of the tricks this bathroom demonstrates to increase the perception of space.

Century Tile Review

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We always appreciate when someone takes the time to write a review about their experiences at Century Tile. We are particularly excited about this one on Google.

Collin writes:

“Very easy to get to, right off the highway…selection is great….price is more than fair…and most of all, service is OUTSTANDING….Denver our sales rep/designer bent over backwards for us even visiting us on site several times. Moreover, the installation team worked odd & LONG hours even Sunday to accomodate our schedule and finish ahead of schedule….Highly recommended…our customer service experience was the complete opposite of the previous review….” (reference to another review on Google)

Needless to say – this made our day. We especially like the part about our service being OUTSTANDING. We hope to have the opportunity to give you the same experience!

Tile 101: Porcelain Tile

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Are you considering porcelain but not sure about its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look.

Porcelain at first glance seems much the same as ceramic tile. However, the higher price exists for a reason. The materials and firing temperatures used for porcelain tile make the final product much more durable, moisture-resistant and frost-resistant. With sealed grout, which you should do with any tile installation, porcelain needs just a swipe with a damp mop to keep it clean.

Porcelain tiles generally resemble stone in design. Whatever stone style you’re drawn to: travertine, granite, limestone, terracotta, or other choices, you will probably be able to find a porcelain tile designed to match it. This allows you to design with the charm of stone and the maintenance requirements of tile. The strength and durability of porcelain tile also makes it the best choice for outdoor use. With porcelain, you could actually have your patio or deck tile match the tile inside the house, creating a feeling of expanded space and connecting the indoor look with your outside décor.

Porcelain tile does have its disadvantages. Because of the high temperatures used to fire it, the tiles are often slightly different sizes. It’s also very hard to cut unlike ceramic tile. For these reasons, porcelain can be a real source of frustration if you try to install it yourself. Manufacturers recommend professional installation.

If you’re looking for durability, beauty and easy maintenance, porcelain may be well worth the additional cost for your home.

Tile 101: Ceramic Tile

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When you’re making tile selections, ceramic tile provides the most variety. From the rough handmade unglazed tile shown in this photo to very sophisticated glazed tiles with embossed designs, ceramic can meet almost any tile need.

Ceramic tile varies in hardness and texture. Many tiles have slip-proof materials embedded in the glaze to make them safer for bathrooms. Tile glazes – a glass-based product – come in a rich selection of colors and tones.

Maintenance for tile is generally minimal. The tile shown in this photo, Saltillo tile, is one exception. Its unglazed nature and softer more porous material make this tile chip and crack fairly easily with use. It also requires annual sealing, particularly when used outdoors. People who choose this tile welcome the patina that comes with age, but if you would prefer a more sandardized product, a similar look is available in sturdier glazed ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile is rated by hardness, so be sure to choose a strong option for high traffic areas. Your salesperson can help you with this. If you seal the grout – strongly recommended – the only maintenance required is a sweep with a damp mop.

With its excellent variety, low maintenance and a mateial that can last for the lifetime of your home, ceramic tile may be just the flooring option you need to create the design of your dreams.