Protecting Carpeting and Furniture from Pets

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Many people worry whether home maintenance will be much more demanding with pets. In reality, a few tactics will keep your home nice while still including one or more animals, as long as they are well trained.

Two major maintenance concerns are dirt and hair. If your home includes a pet door, you can minimize the dirt tracked in the house by laying down a rug just inside the pet door, long enough to ensure that all four feet land on the rug as your pet comes back inside. An absorbent washable rug can remove quite a bit of dirt from little paws. On rainy or snowy days, you may want to manage the process more carefully – wiping your pet’s paws with small towels when they come back into the house.

The best way to manage shedding is daily brushing. Even if your dog or cat is initially resistant to this, combining short gentle brushing sessions with lots of treats and praise will turn brushing into a special time for your animal rather than a chore. Vacuum your rug at least once a week to keep hair and surface dirt under control. Regular vacuuming also keeps your carpet looking newer.

If your pet loves your sofa or an easy chair, cover it with a large towel or sheet. If you launder your covers regularly and remove them when guests come, you can almost eliminate hair on the furniture and keep your upholstery clean and looking nice.

By adding just a few tactics to your regular home maintenance you can combine pet ownership with a lovely home, allowing you to enjoy both!

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