Tile 101: Ceramic Tile

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When you’re making tile selections, ceramic tile provides the most variety. From the rough handmade unglazed tile shown in this photo to very sophisticated glazed tiles with embossed designs, ceramic can meet almost any tile need.

Ceramic tile varies in hardness and texture. Many tiles have slip-proof materials embedded in the glaze to make them safer for bathrooms. Tile glazes – a glass-based product – come in a rich selection of colors and tones.

Maintenance for tile is generally minimal. The tile shown in this photo, Saltillo tile, is one exception. Its unglazed nature and softer more porous material make this tile chip and crack fairly easily with use. It also requires annual sealing, particularly when used outdoors. People who choose this tile welcome the patina that comes with age, but if you would prefer a more sandardized product, a similar look is available in sturdier glazed ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile is rated by hardness, so be sure to choose a strong option for high traffic areas. Your salesperson can help you with this. If you seal the grout – strongly recommended – the only maintenance required is a sweep with a damp mop.

With its excellent variety, low maintenance and a mateial that can last for the lifetime of your home, ceramic tile may be just the flooring option you need to create the design of your dreams.

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