Black & White Décor

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Black and white are the most basic of colors. They are also opposites and neutrals. When used together, they create the very meaning of “contrast”. The combination of black and white defines and proves the phrase “Opposites Attract”.
Both colors are considered classic, elegant and sophisticated. They also have the ability to direct focus, highlight, frame and accent. Black and white is a dynamic duo that will forever be popular and stylish.

How can you use black and white in your decorating?
Use alternate black and white tiles to create the “checkerboard” effect. Another option is: one color can be used as the main color and the other can provide decorative border. The two colors can also be used to create endless combinations of patterns on the floor.

Another popular use of black and white tiles is to use white subway tiles on the walls and a combination of black and white floor tiles on the floor. This is a classic and timeless look.
Artwork accented with black and white draw focus to the subject (because of the high level of contrast it creates) without stealing the show because they are both considered neutral colors. If white matting surrounds artwork use a black frame on a white wall. This technique is used frequently in art galleries.
Selecting one vibrant color to accent a black and white setting creates interest and variety. Any color will work as long as it is a truly vibrant color that can hold it’s own in the midst of the two dominant colors. Red, blue, green, pink, purple and yellow are great color choices for this technique.

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