Clean your Carpet for the Holidays: Part 2

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Now that your carpet is clean, the next step is getting it dry as quickly as possible. If you don’t actively work on drying your carpeting, particularly in the winter or if you live in a high humidity area, you can end up with mold. But with a few temporary moves, you can have a dry carpet by the end of the day.

The best drying tool is your own heating system. Turn the heat up a few degrees and switch the fan on the thermostat from auto to on. This will keep your home venting to the outside whether the heat is running or not. Any other fans that vent to the outside in your baths or kitchen should also be turned on.

If you have ceiling fans, turn them on high. Place any portable fans you have in spots not otherwise covered. If you rented a professional blower, move that around to take best advantage of its strength. It is better not to replace furniture until the carpeting is dry.

Prepare for you and your pet’s wet feet by covering your upholstery with towels and watching any transitions from wet carpet to hard surfaces that can get slippery. With careful attention, within 12-24 hours, your carpet should be completely dry and ready for the holidays.

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