Sustainable Hardwoods

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If you are concerned about the environment, you are not alone. More and more people are making sustainable purchasing and lifestyle choices. Industries and companies are responding to that by providing more information on their commitment to environmental responsibility.

A recently announced study demonstrates the interest in providing good information on home products. PE International, an environmental consulting firm, has started to investigate American hardwood’s environmental footprint, by type, from the day the lumber is cut through delivery at the importer. At the conclusion of this research, consumers and suppliers will have access to every aspect of the carbon footprint of each type of wood resource in the U.S..

This study and studies like this will enable you to make informed choices for your home. Recycling and watching your resource consumption is important for our planet, but your dollars provide one of your best tools for encouraging businesses to focus on the environment. If companies see that their consumer base takes sustainability seriously, they will too.


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