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Fireplaces add a lovely touch to any room, and they can work well with your beautiful floors if you take a few precautions when you install them.

This fireplace does everything right. To begin, it was installed with a tile surround and hearth to catch any stray sparks or spilled ashes. Tile provides an easy to manage surface for a hearth and from a design standpoint it can make your fireplace stand out in the room. Select a tile that suits the style of your home. Stone is another beautiful choice for a hearth, and can fit well with more traditional homes.

The next important design feature for safety is a fire screen. Your best option is an installed screen like this one. Screens vary from stand-alone three-part wrought iron options to curtains of metal or even – your safest choice – a metal-grid door custom built for your fireplace. Although a more expensive choice, it can be beautiful and secure.

Fire safety is also floor safety. Keep your fires small enough to be contained within the firebox. Use only enough paper to start the fire – extra can drift away from the center on drafts of hot air. Be sure to clean extra ash out of the fireplace regularly, and always make sure your fire is completely out before leaving the room.

With just a little thought and effort, you can enjoy your fireplace and make sure your beautiful floor stays beautiful.

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