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Question: I grew up with vinyl floors in the kitchen and I want to put vinyl in our new home, but I worry that it won’t look right with the other upscale options I have planned. Can I get my vinyl while making sure my kitchen still looks nice?

Answer: If you take a look at today’s vinyl, you will probably be pleasantly surprised. The designs are much more sophisticated than the vinyl of your childhood. Vinyl floors have grown up too, and you will find lovely options that mimic tile and wood floors beautifully.

Vinyl definitely provides more comfort for your feet. That’s because vinyl has built-in cushioning while tile and stone are very hard surfaces. This can become an issue for some people who prefer the softer option when they’re standing and cooking.

Cleaning convenience is another real advantage to a vinyl floor. Spills are no issue, and this particular design would hide most small spots until you could get to them. The neutral tone and inviting design of this floor would minimize any resale issues.

Another substantial advantage with vinyl is cost per square foot. Compared to tile or stone, vinyl’s price point means that you can choose one of the more expensive options and still probably stay well within your budget. You may even have extra money left to splurge somewhere else in your home.

As you make new home or renovation design choices, it’s important to remember that functionality is just as important as any other decision factor. Go ahead and get your vinyl floor and enjoy cooking on it every day!

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