Thinking Condo?

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Different home choices work well at various times in your life. For a number of empty nesters, now may be the time to transition from the large family home in the suburbs to a comfortable urban condo. Great views, low maintenance and easy walking access to amenities make this decision a popular one.

If you’re ready for this type of lifestyle change, we’ve got a few factors for you to think about as you select your flooring.

The good news is that your flooring dollar will go a lot further because you have less square footage to cover. This can give you the chance to take a look at a higher price point than you’ve been able to consider before. Take the time to check out some of our wood floors, tile or our luxurious carpeting. Chances are your budget will stretch further than you expect.

Think about transitions when choosing your flooring. In a smaller space, combining too many flooring styles can chop up a space and make it feel tight. If you locate the necessary floor breaks at doorways that already have a transition feel, your rooms will feel more spacious.

If your condo has an open floor plan, you may have to adjust to the lack of separation between functional areas. For example, most condos combine the living and dining areas into one space. To help identify each area without putting up vertical breaks that can limit the view for the eye, consider using rugs. An area rug surrounding the living room’s seating area provides a natural break.

Finally, think about your future decorating plans when you select your flooring. Your new lifestyle may include a desire to update your furniture and accessories. If so, your flooring should focus on your long-term plans as well as your current decorating scheme. Select flooring choices that can meet both goals.

This can be an exciting move and an exciting new life. We’re happy to make sure your flooring selections can measure up to your dreams for the future.

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