Choose the Right Floor for your Baby

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Making plans for a new addition to your family? With a baby coming you may be thinking of buying a larger home or renovating to prepare.

As you figure out what you need, be sure to think about the right flooring choices. Babies are all about floors. They lay on them, crawl on them, learn to walk on them, play and explore on them. They also fall on them, so your choice is about both comfort and safety.

To begin, figure out a place to provide cushioned flooring. This could be a few area rugs with enough space to support a moving toddler or playtime. Or you may choose to carpet one or several rooms. Be sure to add a good quality pad under either carpeting or rugs to add more cushioning. Today’s stain proof carpets also allow your home to look nice in spite of the new little spill-meister you’ve added to your home.

Harder floors such as wood or laminate can also work well for babies. The smooth surface makes scooting across the floor a lot easier, and there is some research evidence that indicates that spending time on a hard surface maneuvering on their tummies can make babies better prepared for learning later in life.

Whatever flooring decisions you make, you will find that the good of your child is a part of the decision, as it will be part of almost every decision you make from now on until they’re grown. Welcome to parenthood!

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