Flooring Choices

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How tempted are you to walk into this store? The name – Expensive – would make many of us hesitate.

Do you feel that many stores should have this name? Sometimes walking into a store that sells home products such as flooring can feel this way too, but remember that most home products last much longer than the clothes in your closet.

If you haven’t priced flooring in a while, it’s best to start by looking at the prices of every type of floor to get a good sense of the cost of various options. You need to learn about the choices to make the best decisions for you.

Just like clothing, flooring costs can vary because of the expense of different materials, construction requirements and overall workmanship. In clothing, silk is generally more expensive than cotton, but sometimes the additional cost is worth it for you. In the same way, part of your decision involves determining the right price point for you and your home.

Beyond cost, consider issues such as durability, lifestyle, personal taste and resale value. Are you going to be happy with your decision next year, five years from now – ten? You will be looking at it a long time, so it’s worth a second look now.

Cost is important, but by factoring in other issues, you won’t see that “Expensive” sign. You’ll just feel satisfied that you made the right choice for your home and you.

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