The Same Pattern Creates a Different Look

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Take a look at these two photos. On the surface the tiles couldn’t be more different, but if you look closer you will notice that both have the exact tile pattern. The feel of a floor has to do with the choice of tile as much as the tile’s design.

The tile floor on the left is a classic look for a modern bathroom. The light blues have enough variations to stay interesting while not enough to call attention to the floor itself. This is good background flooring.

On the other hand, the tile on the right is a critical part of the look and feel of the room. It’s a perfect fit for the space between that luscious wrought iron gate and the dramatic staircase and banister.

What mood does that tile evoke for you? It seems as though the room has moved here from another era, a world of beautiful clothes. It’s easy to see that this is not a contemporary space. That the photo was taken in Paris almost seems obvious due to the rich tones and inviting old-world design. That floor is all of that and more, and yet it is a design match for the ceramic bathroom flooring on the left.

Choosing the right flooring for the right style can be tricky, and both design and tile choices are part of the final appearance. If you want your home to feel like 1890’s Paris, how about taking a chance and reproducing this floor? You may not be able to find a gate like this one, but you could be one step closer to re-creating a turn-of-the-century Paris feel in your home.

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