Be Adventurous and Add Foreign Flavor to your Back Patio

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This photo of a tourist bazaar in Tripoli has the exotic flavor of another country and almost another time. With a little imagination, you can modify elements of this marketplace to add a foreign feel to your own home. Let’s see how one homeowner borrowed elements from this bazaar to create a unique style for a back patio.

The idea of arches was the first step in elevating the back patio to something special. As you can see in the photo below, the colors and style are different than the marketplace, but they echo the feeling the curves give the space.

The ridge separating each arch from the column evolved to a simple set of circles in an appealing terra cotta. This still provides a definition while staying with a simple and more modern look.

The final borrowed idea was using tiles of two different colors to add some design to the patio’s floor. The simple pattern chosen adds personality but doesn’t overpower the space. The color choices leave options open to use earth tones or richer hues for accessories.

A few elements will finish the look and capitalize on the old world feel. One or more indoor-outdoor rugs that mimic an oriental style would carry the theme further. A few pots in a variety of sizes and colors would help reproduce the market mood. Wall hangings with an eastern flavor would add the final touch of the exotic.

Are you looking for adventure? Well, with planning you don’t need to travel farther than your own back yard to experience some of the delight of other countries and cultures.

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