A Pop of Red

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What really makes this room work? The lines are clean and inviting and there is a good balance between light and dark, but it’s the red that makes the room pop.

Do you have a favorite color that you would like to showcase? This approach provides a great way to let one color stand out. The light tile floor is neutral enough to warm up the space without pushing for attention. In the same way the table and chair frames anchor the space but are close enough to black that they don’t read as a color.

Then the red takes over. With the large art piece on the side wall, just a couple of chairs and the three rounded pieces on the table, red is the dominant theme in the room without overtaking the space. The key to making this one-color approach work is to balance it carefully as this room does.

Red will capture the eye no matter where you stand in this room. However the simple lines of each piece of furniture allows the owner to add color and flavor when entertaining. Dishes and linens could go in any direction, both in terms of color and texture. If you wanted to go in a completely different direction, just use slipcovers on the chairs and the red would be limited to the artwork.

You might want to notice one other interesting thing about this room. Although the style is sophisticated, it is really child and messy-dinner friendly. The large porcelain tiles and the leather chairs are easy to clean if diners have any mishaps. No need to fear serving red wine in this space!

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