Make a Splash with Tile Trim

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This dramatic stairway provides a strong visual demonstration of how powerful tile can be. The tile on the risers of the stair defines each step, emphasizing the curve and actually adding to safety in situations such as this when stairs don’t fit the standard.

By choosing two different but complementary designs for every other step, the tile doesn’t overpower the space. Instead, it adds color and another element of personality. Combined with the custom railings and the overall open design, this stairway is poised as the focal point of the main living area.

Using tile as an accent shouldn’t be limited to kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. With the right tile used the right way, it can add color and style to any room in your home. A fireplace surround can change from a unnoticed feature to a focal point by bringing in specially-selected tile or stone. An entryway can benefit from applying tile instead of wood as a baseboard. If you choose a pattern that complements the flooring, you can create a special space to introduce people to your home.

Thanks to tile’s weather tolerance, it’s a great option outside also. If your patio needs perking up, how about adding tile trim to benches and planters. Your outdoor kitchen can gain style with a tile edging under the countertops and grill.

To start thinking of tile as a valuable design element, visit our showroom and check out the rich variety of color and style available in today’s tile. Our idea books and vignettes may open your eyes to opportunities to add color and interest to your home with tile.

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