Take Time to Reflect on Mirrors

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If you’ve visited some mountainous countries, you’ve probably run across mirrors like this one. The goal is to provide an early view of oncoming traffic to make it easier to navigate switchback roads.

This mirror was carefully positioned to make the most of its view. In your home, there is a value to taking the time to position your own mirrors to make the most of them.

Mirrors can be functional in a number of ways. They can reflect light, serve as a chance to check your appearance, and expand the feel of a space. When you buy a mirror, think about whether it can be more than decorative.

A mirror can grab light from a nearby window to brighten a dark corner. To take full advantage of the mirror, experiment with placement to maximize the light reflected.

If you would like a mirror near your normal home exit door to do a final check of your appearance, be sure to get a large enough mirror and position it well for everyone in the family. Many times there’s a tendency to hang a mirror too high so that shorter family members can only see from the nose up. Once again, experiment with size and placement to ensure that the mirror is as useful as you planned.

Don’t limit your reflection attention to actual mirrors. Many other elements in your home may be reflective. Some flooring has a natural shine such as natural woods and various tiles. Metallic accessories also have a natural reflective quality. Add sparkle to your room by considering reflections when you decorate.

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