Texture Makes this Photo and Your Home, Special

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The house is the first thing to catch your eye in this photo. The roof has different types of tiles set slightly unevenly. The two doors are both wood, but unique in look and shape. Even the walls have both a plaster overlay and spots that show the stones underneath.

It’s not color that makes this photo special, it’s the various textures. There are only three colors here – brown, green and a bit of blue for the sky – but the textural elements draw the eye.

If you were at the location of this photo, you might find yourself walking up to touch the wall, maybe pausing first to put a hand on the bark of one of the trees in front. Texture invites us to interact with our surroundings. Whether soft or rough, our hands just want to reach out and feel what our eyes see.

In your home, do you ever consider your use of texture? Bringing in a variety of touchable elements makes a room feel more inviting. Think in terms of contrast. If your flooring is smooth like wood, add some soft and rougher-surfaced elements such as an overstuffed easy chair or an antique pounded copper bowl. Carpeting looks softer and more inviting when contrasted with a low wood table or bronze candlesticks. Even a simple twill sofa will pop when you add pillows and a throw with strong textures.

Use your imagination. Reach out and touch things in your home and see if more texture might add a special appeal to your space just like it does to this photo.

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