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Architectural elements don’t have to look traditional. This condo home is interesting architecturally while still staying completely contemporary.

The immediate area of interest comes from the openings in the wall separating the dining area from the front entryway. The squares are evenly distributed across the wall, providing small glimpses into the room on the other side.

To add interest, some openings are painted in a contrasting color and others are filled with Plexiglas boxes holding fruit. The clear boxes leave this wall open to possibilities for a homeowner.

The other interesting architectural decision is the tile montage on the wall over the dining table. Once again, a modern perspective runs through this piece and the simple style and two-color approach provides a lot of flexibility in design. Having tile right next to the dining table almost creates a backsplash effect – with no worry about staining the art.

Other architectural elements that add personality include the luscious marble floor and the appealing door design toward the back. The black frame and glass styling once again help the space feel open while providing natural separations between functional areas.

This condo is simple and modern while still being light and inviting. Smart architectural design combines with interesting personal additions to create a beautiful space.

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