Choose Flooring With Babies in Mind

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Are babies a part of your life? If you have children, they’re probably front and center. But even if we’re talking about grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or the children and grandchildren of friends or neighbors, most of us are lucky enough to have children in their lives.

You may keep cookies in the kitchen for little visitors, or possibly a few toys around for entertaining any children who happen into your home. Grandparents, of course, want to make their homes a special haven for the little ones in their lives – available to spoil without any need for the discipline they provided their own children.

When you’re making choices about how to keep your home inviting for the smallest members of your life, think about your flooring. Children play, crawl and learn to walk on the floor. Their shoes just don’t stay on for long and they run around in bare feet or footie PJ’s. Do you have carpeting or rugs that provide a comfy special place for the children in your life?

When you’re choosing flooring, think about how it feels as much as how it looks. Run your hands across the surface and press down. Does that rug or carpeting invite bare feet? Would you like to lie down and snuggle with your best baby doll on that floor? Or maybe just read a story to your baby brother.

Sweet soft babies deserve soft carpeting or rugs for their play and learning. Make your best effort to give them that along with all of the support and consideration you can.

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