Ideas for an Old Fashioned Bedroom

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This bedroom recreates an old fashioned and feminine look without a lot of expensive antiques and linens. If you want a room that feels like this one, just a few choices will enable you to have a room with a similar feel.

Let’s start with the walls. The soft cream color creates the feeling of yesterday while still leaving your choices open on colors. The lavender color of the carpeting doesn’t require a matching color scheme. This type of grayish purple is actually considered a neutral, as long as the rest of the room stays generally in pastel tones.

Keeping the bed linens toward the whites and off-whites helps to create the feeling of age even if the linens are new and selected from your favorite discount store. The two bolsters are actually white with sleeves of a pretty floral fabric. For about a half-yard of upholstery-weight fabric, you can dress up bolsters at a minimal cost.

The canopy is a simple hand-done project. Buy two drapery rods in a color and style that suits the room. Attach them to the ceiling at the top and bottom of the bed. The sheer canopy is actually about 25 yards of inexpensive fabric draped and wrapped around the two rods. With a little planning and experimentation, you can create the feeling of a four-poster bed without having to buy one.

Little touches like antique accessories or small area rugs and additional pillows can be added as desired. But even as simple as this room is, it still has an inviting old fashioned feel.

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