Use an Area Rug to Define a Space

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The long narrow shape of this urban townhome needs careful planning to turn it into the luxurious and inviting living space shown here.

Certain design choices lead to a space that is clearly delineated by function yet connected by style. The central section – across from the kitchen to the center left – has a lowered ceiling and a band of wooden panels to create a natural separation that doesn’t block the sight lines.

The floors are concrete throughout, but area rugs warm up the space and add dividing lines. The cream-toned rug under the dining table is a good match with the chair cushions, linking this space through the color. The long light fixture and centerpiece emphasize the shape of the space.

A number of other choices also reflect this elongated lower floor. The floating shelf along the paneled wall provides a moment of interest with the graceful vertical sculpture. The white shelf and metallic sculpture stand out against the dark wood. This adds a special touch of design and art to the wide hallway.

The living room at the front of this home uses the sofa to create a natural division of space. Art and another area rug help make the space feel complete and defined. Once again cream plays a major role. This townhouse shows that you can use floor, wall and ceiling changes to create natural breaks between rooms while still allowing the space and views that keep a home feeling large and expansive. View our large selection of area rugs and let us help you find the perfect one for your home!

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