Well-designed Loft Living Room

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This room shows that loft living can move beyond the traditional industrial modern look into something classically elegant.

The soaring brick wall and window in similar large proportions let you know that this is loft space. These dramatic architectural details elevate the space beyond the standard.

The stained concrete flooring is a fairly common choice in a loft, but the ceiling is unusual. Instead of a collection of vents and pipes disappearing into a dark high space, this designer chose to cover that with wood flooring.

Choosing wood warms up the entire room and brings the ceiling height down while covering the more industrial elements of the space. Dark wood tones echo in the coffee and corner tables, furthering the connection.

Accessories and art add glamour, with an old-fashioned mirror displayed vertically and a large oil painting standing alone on the cream-colored plaster wall. The generously-stuffed sofa and chair do a lot to make the room feel comfortable and inviting.

Colors are natural and arise out of the architecture. The throw pillows echo the rich dark shades from the wall and ceiling as well as the painting. The one pop of black – on the border of the area rug – brings the room into focus and emphasizes the soft colors in the rest of the space.

Altogether, this loft design melds the advantages of loft living with all the comforts of home.

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