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Every room in your home can be viewed in two ways: from inside the room itself and through any entryways to the room. These two photos demonstrate how important the view into other rooms is when you’re planning your home’s look.

This home does have a strong emphasis on these transitions because of its design. You actually have four rooms visible at once thanks to the three French doors running in a row on the first floor.

In spite of this strong connection, the designer did not make the mistake of decorating every room in the same mood. With the four rooms, there are four wall colors and styles. The entryway is in white and the sunroom a warm cream, while the dining room is a bright red with wainscoting and the living room has decorated wood paneling.

So what keeps the rooms feeling connected? The main tool is the flooring. Byselecting mid-tone wood across the first floor, every room has this common element to connect them all. The floor also shows the other connecting element – red Oriental rugs. Although the sizes and designs vary, this style carries and integrates every room’s design.

Finally, furniture and accessories help make small connections. For example, the red cabinet in the entryway is the same hue as the dining room walls. That color is echoed again on the chair in the sunroom.

This home’s design may be traditional, but it is still interesting and different. Take a look through your doors and see what you can do to make your transitions more interesting and effective.

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