Let Your Personality Shine

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There are so many rules and advice for designing your home that it is easy to lose your own interests and style in meeting the goal of creating spaces that look “right.”

Here is one room that breaks most of the standard design rules, yet it’s interesting and vibrant, probably reflecting the people who created it.

Sometimes having your home as a natural extension of who you are is more important than following the rules. In this case bright colors combine with neutrals in ways that shouldn’t work, but they do. The furniture is simply too big and too much for the room, but it still feels right. The accessories are so unique that they almost make the room feel uncomfortable, but instead it feels inviting.

One reason this room works is the decision to keep walls, ceiling and window coverings a gentle off-white. Much of the furniture is simple and cream colored also. This helps a bulky element such as a grand piano less obtrusive.

The carpeting is vivid and unusual, but the color in this room is limited to only a few other pieces. The use of creams, browns and blacks actually helps the rug feel more controlled than it would in a space with more defined colors. This is actually a good design idea if you can’t replace your flooring right away. Using a large area rug or even a bound piece of carpet over flooring that doesn’t match your style can disguise a floor problem until you can fix it.

Finally, the number of unusual pieces is kept to a minimum, encouraging both the homeowners and guests to enjoy each element without feeling overwhelmed.

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