When Living and Dining Spaces Share

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Many open-concept homes end up sharing living and dining spaces.

In this photo, there is no natural separation between the two functional areas. It took several design decisions to keep this space feeling cohesive while creating a clear delineation between the two. Let’s see what choices work in this space.

Color/material cohesion: The dining chair fabric appears again in throw pillows on the sofa. The dark metal base material covering the dining table’s legs also covers the small table between the two living area chairs. Finally, the wood flooring, window treatments and walls are consistent throughout the room. There is no attempt to turn this space into two rooms, which could make the room feel cramped.

Area rug as divider: By choosing an area rug to define the living area, the separation is clear without using any space-absorbing options such as a bookshelf or buffet. The rug is large enough so that every piece of living room furniture is captured on it, further emphasizing the boundary.

Dining room table choice: By choosing a rectangular table that matches the shape of the space available, the dining area is even more strongly delineated. Add the chandelier and the two tall plants and it’s clear that the dining room stands on its own.

The furniture choices and layout take advantage of the full scope of the room. They create separation without making the room smaller. Smart choices lead to a well-designed room that meets all of its functional needs.

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