Preparing for Carpet Installation Day

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You’ve purchased that gorgeous new Berber and now it’s time for it to be installed. There are several things you should do before your installers arrive.

Be sure to move all furniture out of the rooms where the carpet is to go. Empty china cabinets and closets. If you have particularly big items like a waterbed, an aquarium or a huge hutch we can help move these for an appropriate fee.

Make sure that anything that could be damaged during installation is removed from the room. This could mean electrical cords, lamps, computer fixtures or even items that hang low in closets.

Have a plan for how your old floor coverings will be removed. This is a messy and time-consuming task. We can give you a list of options but if you prefer to remove your present floor covering yourself, it is best to do it at least one day prior to installation to allow for cleanup and floor preparation. Please leave tack strips in place and pull the staples out of the floor from the original pad.

If you are repainting the room where carpet will be installed it’s a good idea to do this before we show up. Keep in mind however that paint may become damaged, usually near the bottom of the walls during the installation process. You will probably need to do some touch ups after we are gone. Baseboards will probably also need some TLC.

Doors that once swung closed effortlessly may not do so if the height of your carpet changes. We will re-hang doors for you and cut them if needed.

Putting in a new carpet produces trash! We will leave all the trash at your collection point or for an additional charge we can haul it away for you.

Knowing what to do in advance is the key to making your installation day go as smooth as possible which means less time and stress for you, your family and your home!

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