Snow-It’s That Time of Year!

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It’s that time of year. Each morning when you wake up it’s fun to peek outside and see if Mother Nature blessed you with beautiful, sparkly white snow. And though it is gorgeous from inside the house, it also means that you need to get outside and shovel the driveway.

Dress in layers before you go outside. As you get warm you can remove layers. If you become too cold go inside and warm up before continuing. Extremely cold temperatures can be very dangerous.

Be sure that you have a good shovel. Look for one with an ergonomic handle. If you are not in good shape pay a neighbor child to shovel the walks for you. You don’t want to risk an injury or jeopardize your health.

Remove the snow from the driveways and walkways. Remember to shovel around your mailbox and garbage cans as well. Work towards the areas where you are depositing the snow so you don’t have to toss it very far. Chip away any ice you find under the snow and remove it with a shovel. Spread rock salt over the cleared area and sand any other spots that are still icy.

For the record, you burn 408 calories an hour assuming a body weight of 150 lbs. So, not only do you now have clean and safe walkways but you’ve also gotten in your cardio for the day. You deserve a cup of hot chocolate and a relaxing remainder of the day in front of your fireplace.

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