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Easy to Implement Kitchen Trends

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Looking to update your kitchen? Here is a list of what is trending right now.

Go Industrial – change our your traditional pendants for something a bit more edgy.

Display your collection – remove cabinet doors to show off your treasures.

Think about your ceiling – whether you add a coffered ceiling or paint your ceiling a bright color, by paying attention to this fifth wall your kitchen will look super polished.

Maximize storage – keep your gorgeous granite countertops uncluttered by storing appliances and serving pieces in cabinets. In this kitchen they added shallow drawers in the toe kick for extra space.

Don’t be afraid of color – paint your cabinets a bold shade for a cheery feeling.

Don’t Forget the Pantry – make your pantry trendy and neat by using numbered bins and baskets to keep like items together.

Add a colorful backsplash – see how these tiles add a beautiful pop of color and stylish appeal to this kitchen?

Need some help? Come see us for even more design inspiration!

Cleaning Grout

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Does your Saturday and Sunday consist of really un “fun” cleaning projects? Cleaning baseboards, vacuuming dust off ceiling fans, and dealing with dog hair. Well, sadly we’re just adding another one to your list. Cleaning your grout. We know, we know….you don’t want to do this, but it is important to keep your tile and your grout looking good.

The good news is that there is a cheap grout cleaner. It’s called baking soda and water. Make a paste of the baking soda and water and then get to work.

The first step is to wipe down grout with a washcloth. This will get rid of any easy to remove particles. Then get your toothbrush ready. If you have an old electric tooth brush that will work better. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply paste to grout and scrub vigorously. Wipe off any extra paste. Finally, wipe down the grout with a wet cloth. If a stain is really set in you can leave the paste mixture on for a few minutes. Shaving cream and vinegar are other substances that good housekeepers swear by.

Once the grout is clean, it’s time for a little preventative maintenance. Inspect your grout regularly and apply a commercial grout sealer once a year. Keeping it well sealed makes sure it doesn’t become home to mold or mildew. Keep the grout dry when you can and take care of small stains as soon as you notice them.

Your bathroom fan is your biggest ally here. Turn on your bathroom fan after you shower for at least a half hour for sparkling clean grout.

Ways to Make Your Home Worth More

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We all want to get the most out of our home, especially in this economy. Here are a few suggestions that will help you with resale. Heck, when you get done making these improvements you may not even want to sell your house.

Curb appeal – you may be sick of hearing this word but it’s just so true. Make sure your front door is a stunning showpiece.

Paving your sidewalks is always a nice touch. So is having a floral oasis outside your front door.

Your foyer should be neutral in color and have updated lighting.

In fact modern lighting in all your rooms is a great investment.

Quick updates in the bathroom, including new facets, mirrors, light fixtures and cabinet hardware make a big difference.

Refresh your kitchen by simply repainting your cabinets.

Creating an outdoor entertainment space lets your potential homebuyer imagine the good times they’ll have.

And there you have it, simple ways to update your home so you can get the highest purchase price.

The Guest Bathroom

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Whether you are remodeling your guest bathroom or planning one for your home that is under construction there are several things you should consider before everything is installed. Your most important goal is to make a welcoming space for your guests.

While you may splurge on your master bath by adding a huge bathtub, radiant flooring and several sinks a guest bathroom is more like a hotel bathroom. It needs to be functional and as comfortable as possible without you having to break the bank. The essentials, sink, toilet and shower/bathtub are just fine.

If you can, make the guest bathroom as roomy as possible. Use easy to maintain materials for the countertops, shower and flooring. From ceramic tiles, natural stone and even carpet there are many choices that will work in your guest bathroom. Our in-store experts can help you pick the best material for your home.

Make sure there is counter space, good lighting and a mirror. There is nothing worse than having to precariously balance all your toiletries on a small counter top or even on top of the toilet. A drawer or two for your guests is not a bad idea. Neither is a small space to store linens, extra toilet paper, shampoo, soap and tissue.

Add a few hooks to hang bathrobes and clothes. A hamper for dirty linens is also suggested. Once your bathroom is finished add thick, luxurious towels, French milled soaps and scented candles.

Now your guests may never leave.

Grand Illusions – Our Product of the Week

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When you think about flooring you probably aren’t thinking about grand illusions. But we are. We are featuring Grand Illusions by Armstrong as our product of the week. But let’s back up a minute here. This hard surface product is laminate. Yes, that’s right – laminate. Why do hard wood floors get all the attention?

Laminate flooring’s popularity has soared in recent years and for good reason. It is incredibly durable, affordable and easy to clean. It’s available in a wide array of styles from rich and traditional to clean and contemporary, including today’s popular “exotic” wood looks inspired by rare wood species from around the world.

This particular product is known and trusted for reliable quality, and an expansive offering of colors and designs to meet your personal style. Laminate floors have exceptional durability as they won’t dent, ding or fade. Laminate floors are scratch resistant so they look newer for longer. They are easy to clean, just a quick damp mop every now and then. They never need sanding, buffing or refinishing. Installation is also easy, even for those of you who have “DIY” husbands.

Look at this example of Grand Illusions Laminate. Can’t you just picture these gorgeous floors in your home?

We want to tell you more about laminate. Please visit our flooring showrooms in Chicago, Bolingbrook, Itasca, Joliet, Lombard, Matteson, Mt. Prospect, Mundelein, and Woodstock, IL. We’re here to help your ideas become reality.

Home Gym – Time to Work Out!

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Was getting fit one of your resolutions? If so, you’re not alone. Losing weight is the number one change we decide to make with the coming of the New Year. To help you stick with your resolve we are happy to give you some great ideas on updating your home gym.

If you have a large basement add big mirrors, a rubber floor and lots of exercise equipment.

Bring the gym outside by keeping it separate from the rest of the house. The large windows give a great view while you sweat away calories.

Don’t be afraid to theme your home gym. While you may not be a Colts fan, think of this room done in Bear’s colors.

Do a Boot Camp Gym instead of using machines. You can still get a high intensity workout without spending tons of cash on equipment.

Now, go work out and remember no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.