The Guest Bathroom

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Whether you are remodeling your guest bathroom or planning one for your home that is under construction there are several things you should consider before everything is installed. Your most important goal is to make a welcoming space for your guests.

While you may splurge on your master bath by adding a huge bathtub, radiant flooring and several sinks a guest bathroom is more like a hotel bathroom. It needs to be functional and as comfortable as possible without you having to break the bank. The essentials, sink, toilet and shower/bathtub are just fine.

If you can, make the guest bathroom as roomy as possible. Use easy to maintain materials for the countertops, shower and flooring. From ceramic tiles, natural stone and even carpet there are many choices that will work in your guest bathroom. Our in-store experts can help you pick the best material for your home.

Make sure there is counter space, good lighting and a mirror. There is nothing worse than having to precariously balance all your toiletries on a small counter top or even on top of the toilet. A drawer or two for your guests is not a bad idea. Neither is a small space to store linens, extra toilet paper, shampoo, soap and tissue.

Add a few hooks to hang bathrobes and clothes. A hamper for dirty linens is also suggested. Once your bathroom is finished add thick, luxurious towels, French milled soaps and scented candles.

Now your guests may never leave.

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