Add Color To Your Bathroom

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Don’t be afraid of color. Not only can we use colors for accent walls in the main rooms of our homes, we can also use color effectively and powerfully in our bathrooms. Bathrooms can easily be cold and boring, but by adding color you can make them warm and exciting. Check out the following designs and see if we can inspire you.

Use wallpaper! By keeping the trim, tub and fixtures in this room neutral, there’s room to have fun with bright pink, graphic wallpaper and modern accessories.

Use shades of blue glazed ceramic tiles. With a backsplash like this, a simple, modern sink and sleek vanity are all this room needs to look bright and polished.

Painting inside the drawers of this vanity cabinet with bold citrine adds a dose of the unexpected to this black-and-white bathroom.

Colorful bathrooms don’t have to hit you over the head with bright hues. This bathroom’s chamomile tea-colored glass tile creates contrast while still maintaining a spa-like feel.

What do you think of these colorful bathrooms? Let our design experts help you decide how to add more color to your most private space today. And don’t forget – the Goodbuy to Winter sale is still going on until March 25th!

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