Cleaning Blinds

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What is your least favorite household chore? Did you just say cleaning blinds? It’s right up there with cleaning the oven, isn’t it. Fear not, cleaning blinds doesn’t have to be tedious anymore. Follow these quick tips and your blinds will look fabulous.

Vacuum your blinds weekly. Yes, weekly. Close the slats before you start. This way you clean more surface area. Vacuuming weekly will go a long way in keeping your blinds clean and dirt free.

Spot clean – fingerprints and dirt build up may require more than just vacuuming. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove stubborn stains. Make sure you wipe the blinds dry to prevent water spotting.

Bath your blinds – when vacuuming and spot cleaning are not doing the trick take your blinds down and immerse them in your bathtub. Add dishwashing soap to the water. Never dunk wooden blinds or blinds with decorative tape, you’ll destroy them. Be sure to towel dry.

Get rid of the dingy – use white shoe polish on cording, ropes and taped areas if bathing and vacuuming don’t help. Yes, it seems like cheating but at least your blinds will look terrific.

Even though we have added another “to do” item to your weekly cleaning list, we think that it will help you keep your home looking beautiful.

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