Decorating with Tile Medallions

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Are you looking for distinctive and stylish ways of adding to your already existing home décor? If yes, then decorating with tile medallions may just be the right option for you. If you are not familiar with medallions, you should know that they are not purchased together with other flooring for your home, rather they come separately and are normally found in oval, round and rectangle shapes.

Medallions are seen as the crème de la crème of tile design. You can get medallions in pre-made designs or you can choose to go for a custom made design of your choice. Your company’s logo, your initials or your family crest can influence this design. Adding a medallion to your floor is the most personal way to add your flair to your home.

Decorating with medallions, the size of the room usually influences the size of the medallions to be purchased. When the size of the room is calculated, an approximate 1/3 of the room’s width is the size that should be chosen for the medallion. Prior to installation the medallion is kept and maintained under controlled humidity and temperature.

To learn more about adding a medallion to the flooring in your home please contact our design center.  You can also visit our website to search for porcelain, ceramic, and natural slate medallion options.  We are excited to help you make your home as personal as possible.

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