No Stilettos Allowed

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Yes, sadly, stiletto shoes can damage a laminate floor. But don’t get weepy. There is a way to keep those laminate floors looking beautiful. Step number one is to remember to take off your favorite Manolos at the door.

First things first, dirt is your enemy. Your laminate floors should be swept, dust mopped or vacuumed (no beater bars please) often. Hey, that’s why you had those kids, right?

A light damp mopping is also recommended. Be sure to dry your floors after you mop as excessive water can cause your floor to expand.

The best way to prevent dirt from being tracked across your floors in the first place is to place mats at each entrance to your home. Make sure you shake them out regularly.

Place floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture and for goodness sake, don’t slide furniture across your floors. Carry it!

And here are the list of don’ts:

Don’t flood your floor with water.

Don’t wax or polish your floor.

Don’t try to sand or refinish your floor.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or steel wool on your floor. Spot cleaning is fine. Just ask your sales representative which products are best. And don’t use mop and shine products either.

One of the great advantages to having a laminate floor is that they don’t fade from sunlight and UV rays like traditional hard word floors. If you find that you have to repair part of your floor in the future, keep in mind that the dye lot may be a bit different. With time and usage that part of the floor will usually blend in.

So please, leave those high heels at the door. Visit us to learn more about laminate flooring.

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