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The wallpaper and patterned wall trend looks like it is here to stay for a while. Big, bold patterns on the walls of bedrooms, dining rooms, powder rooms and even halls certainly bring energy and life to these rooms.  A single wall covered in wall paper or painted in a pattern using a stencil can make a big impact in a room.

Another great idea is using it in the bedroom. Putting a big, bold wallpaper or stencil on the wall behind the bed is a wonderful way to draw focus to the bed. There are wallpaper patterns and stencils that range from florals to simple geometric patterns so there is a wallpaper out there to suit every style.  Pattern size can range from delicate to bold.  A small pattern may look too busy on a large wall; bigger patterns have fewer repetitions.

How to decorate around these boldly patterned walls takes a little bit of finesse.  The easiest way to work with bold pattern is to use solid colors on big objects in the room like headboards, sofas and rugs.  Keeping the pattern on the wall or walls will keep your room from being too busy.  Keep flooring simple and neutral.  You could always pick up a color from the wallpaper in an area rug.  Add different scale patterns to accessories like pillows if you want to bring more pattern into the room. Mixing the scale of patterns in a single palette can create a harmonious look.  Choose big, small and medium patterns to work with the wallpapered or stenciled walls.

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