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This European kitchen has clean lines, bright colors and glossy finishes.  Utilizing bright colors have also become more common for the everyday kitchen design.

While this may not be the kitchen of your choice, there are some very good ideas that can be captured from this room. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

First, the strong contrast makes this an eye-catching kitchen. While the basic color choices are vivid, the white-black-yellow selection keeps the room light and bright. Next, the choice of glossy finishes makes the kitchen feel clean and reflects the light to make it easier to work and clean. Notice that the countertop does not have that particular finish so that there is no glare on the work surface.

Second, this is a very low-maintenance kitchen. By choosing solid-surface flooring, it’s easy to keep clean as well as notice and wipe up spots. The cabinets also are covered in a tough enamel finish that can handle a scrubbing without losing their bright shine. Long handles are an easy grab from any angle.

Third, space is well used but the cabinets don’t overpower the kitchen area. By using a series of shelves on the back wall the kitchen gains storage while still feeling open. The varying shapes and sizes of the shelving provide an almost sculptural background.

With a little attention, you may just find the right addition to your own kitchen in this inviting modern European design.

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    Great design.It looks very attractive too. Thanks for sharing this nice post which will be very helpful for kitchen renovarions.


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