Water, Water Everywhere

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If you’ve ever had to deal with unwanted water in your home, you know it can be stressful and challenging. Whether you have a frozen pipe in the basement, a leaky kitchen pipe under the sink, a malfunctioning dishwasher or washing machine, water can quickly do damage in your home. Beyond these household flood sources there are natural causes like ice dams, heavy rains and flooding.

There are a few steps you can do right away to mitigate the water damage from pipes. The first is identifying the source.  If you have an overflowing washer or a burst pipe, turn off your water. Knowing where your main water shut off valve is located is always good to remember. If you just have a large puddle on the floor, remove the water as quickly as possible.  Use towels if it is a small amount of water or a wet vacuum if there is more water. If you are up to your knees in water, time to call the professionals.

Getting water out of carpets may require the carpet and pad to be removed to be professionally dried. Damp pads and carpet can lead to mildew and mold—two things no one wants in their home.  Even hard surfaces like cement basement floors need to be properly dried with fans and dehumidifiers to prevent mold.

If you have a water problem that is more than a large puddle on the floor and there is property damage, time to call your insurance company.  They will send out an adjuster to advise you on cleanup and filing a claim.

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